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Tennerfest 2014

If your planning a trip for tennerfest have a look at jersey.com or visitguernsey.com for details. See you on 1st October 2014

A visit to Guernsey, Jersey, or Sark during the six weeks of Tennerfest will guarantee you a slap up meal for a bargain price along with some fantastic innovative menus from the wealth of good food available in the islands. There are Cafés, Bistros, Gastro Pubs, Seafood Restaurants, Italian, Indian and Chinese restaurants as well as the more traditional Hotel restaurants. Now in its 16th year  the Tennerfest was originally exactly what it said: a promotion which encouraged island restaurants to offer a special all inclusive menu for just £10. As time has gone by and inflation has eaten into the £10, the tenner of twelve years ago has an actual value in the islands today of more than £15.00.

This is why Tennerfest now has menus starting at £10 but also with the addition of fixed price menus at £12.50, £15 & £17.50 and £20 - all of which still represent fantastic value for money. The ethos of the promotion however, has stayed the same, a celebration of great value food!

We hope you enjoy! Tennerfest-Simplythefest

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